We have refined our training process over the years. We are proud to have a team of cleaning professionals. Each team member has been given a standardized training process and been paired with our most experienced team members.


  • Be Susquehanna county’s premier professional cleaning service
  • Deliver consistently the best customer experience
  • Use industry cleaning processes and products
  • Be an active member of the community in which we serve
  • Provide a complete service offering that meets the needs of current and potential clients
  • Always strive for 100% customer satisfaction

Have Questions?

Please call us: (570)278-1525

Have special cleaning needs? We are always willing to discuss how we can best serve current and future clients.


  • How many people will come to clean my house?

    The number can change, but in general we make every effort to send a team of at least three to every location. Scheduling and personnel constraints may affect this. If you have a personal request in this area please let us know.

  • Do I have to be present for a cleaning?

    NO! If you provide us with a method of accessing the property, you do not need to be present for cleaning. We are willing to clean with people present or with an empty location.

  • How long must we commit to hire you?

    ONE TIME! We do not believe in requiring a customer be locked into a service contract. We offer flexible scheduling and like to customize our offerings to meet the needs of all customers and budgets.



Of the average person’s time is spent inside.


Dust particles are comprised of dead skin.


Fewer sick days when you have your desk properly sanitized.


Productivity loss for facilities that do not utilize a cleaning service.


      We accept most forms of payment, including all major creddit cards, cash, and check.


      We have a complete cleaning product line for families with pets.


      We will make every effort to ensure we keep our appointment with you.